5th International Congress: Society in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Dangers
August 20-24, 1992, Seoul, Korea
 opening session
Opening session of the 5th International Congress, at the First World Culture and Sports Festival in Seoul Korea, August 20-24, 1992.
M. Kaplan
Morton Kaplan, President of PWPA International outines his vision of the conference.
A view of the audience at the Congress
science fiction writers
Morton Kaplan, Jerry Pournelle, Science Fiction Writers, Charles Sheffield, Science Fiction
Writer and Conference co-chair
study manual
Charles Sheffield holds up the study manual of scenarios prepared for participants ahead of
the congress.
Jerry Pournelle
A close-up of Jerry Pournelle presenting his moderately optimist scenario for the future.
Marcelo Alonso
Marcelo Alonso, conference co-chair and organizer of the technology papers.
life in the oceans
Athelstan Spilhaus discusses the possibilites for human life and cities in the oceans.
S. Fred Singer elaborating possibilities for transportation in the next 50 years.
 new technologiesA. de la Torre
Professor Armando de la Torre from Guatemala discusses the possible impact of new
technologies on Latin American society.
Ivor Vivian
Professor Ivor Vivian of Australia discusses the developiong Austral-asia region.
future of the Philippines
Brother Andrew Gonzalez discusses scenarios for the future of the Philippines.
Poland in 2042
Prof. Maria Golazewska proposes scenarios for Poland in the World of 2042.
asking a question
Professor Anomou Adjangba from Togo asks a question from the floor.
Hang Nyong Lee, President Emeritus of PWPA Korea, listens to the discussions.
delegates from Africa
The delegates from Africa discussing the future of African society.
Kenneth Gray
Kenneth R. Gray, one of the organizers of PWPA chapters in East Africa.
European delegates
European delegates discussion the possibilities for a unified Europe.
Dr. Anthony Guerra making a presentation on the University of Bridgeport, PWPA's flagship university.
delegates going to the final banquet
Delegates dressed for the final banquet: (left to right) Rodrigo Carazo-Odio, former President of Costa Rico, Marcelo Alonso, Alexander Shtromas, Morton A. Kaplan, Kenneth Kuanda, Former President of Zimbabwe
Farewell Banquet
The Farewell banquet celebrated with other conferences participating in the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival.