Trade and Peace in the Middle East
Aug. 2-4, 1984, Rome, Italy
emotional plea
 Dr. Noor Salman (a Druze) makes an emotional plea for her country, Lebanon.
E. Alkin
 L-R: Conference chairman Erdogan Alkin, Prof. Zabahaddin Zaim, and Dr. Uri Thon.
Arab industries
 Dr. Raymond Jubran explains nascent Arab industries in Israel.
 Prof Nicholas Kittrie makes a point.
comments on a paper
 Prof. Fawzi Gharaibeh, a Jordanian economist, comments on a paper.
explains the situation
     Prof. John Munro of the American University of Beirut, explains the situation in Lebanon.
Prof. Munro edited the proceedings of the conference.
Prof. Abdulaziz Saqqaf adds humor to the proceedings