The Aquino Phenomenon II Manila
August 8-9, 1986, Philippines
addresses a session
Dr. Quisumbing, Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, addresses an afternoon session of the PWPA meeting on the Ninoy Aquino Phenomenon (Manila, 1986). Professor Lagmay, then PWPA-Philippines President, is seated first on the left.
guest speaker
A guest speaker at the Ninoy Aquino Phenomenon Conference organized by PWPA-Philippines in 1986 was Pedro Chamorro, editor of La Prensa of Nicaragua, whose father's murder set in motion the so-called Sandinista revolution of 1979.
The PWPA-Philippines conference on the Ninoy Aquino Phenomenon enabled PWPA representatives to meet personalities of the highest level. Here Professor Morton A. Kaplan, President of PWPA International (seated) meets with President Corazon Aquino. Mr. Phillip Shanker, ICF representative, worked hard to make this meeting possible.