The Future University of Europe
Salzburg, Austria, Oct. 2-5, 1986
Discussion on European Universities
Discussion about the European Universities at our meeting in Salzburg 1986. left to right: Dr. Schopper, Dr. Weinberg, Dr. von Studnitz, Dr. Flew, Dr. Sussman
Future of the universities
Edward shils (right) discussing the future of the universities at the PWPA Germany conference in 1986 in Salzburg. middle: Dr. Ruegg, left: Dr. Weinberg
PWPA-Europe: Salzburg 1986, left to right: Dr. Radnitzky, Mrs. Seldon, Professors: Flew, van Lith, Bader, Lenel, Weinberg, Rfiegg (hidden), Shils, von Studnitz, SfiBmann, (hidden), Seldon.
Salzburg '86
PWPA-Europe: Salzburg 1986, left to right: Shils, Rfiegg, Radnitzky, Schopper, Weinberg, von Studnitz, Sijssmmann, Flew.