Ideas Have Cosequences
March 21-23, 1986, Sandton, South Africa
E. Wainwright
The late Dr. Eric Wainwright, President, PWPA-South Africa.
From left: Dr. Edward Njock, Cameroon, Dr. Panos Bardis, Toledo, Ohio, and Patrick Modise, PWPA representative in Botswana.
Board of directors
 From left, the PWPA-SA board of directors in 1986. The late Dr. Eric Wainwright, Dr. Moses Bopape, Mr. Wilfried Halenke (PWPA SecretaryGeneral), and Dr. Sakkie van Eeden.
academics eatting
Colored, black and white academics meet and eat at the same table during the PWPA 1986 conference that examined the concept of Apartheid. Second from  left is late Dr. Eric Wainwright, PWPA-South Africa president from 1984 to 1988.