The Sadat Peace Initiative a Scholarly Appraisal
September 20-23, 1987, Athens, Greece
From left to right: Joseph Ben Dak, Chairman of the Board, Bat-El Technologies, Haifa; Eliyahn Gruner, Resident Director, Institute of Psychiatry, Tirat Hakarmel, and Abdelkarim A. El Ahwal, Consultant and Director of Social Development Planning, Institute of National Planning, Cairo, and PWPA-Egypt President. (Greece, 1987)
group picture
From left to right: Walter Gottesman, Secretary-General of PWPA-North Africa, Adbdelaziz S. Nawar, Director, Center for Middle East Studies, Aim Shams University, Heliopolis, Cairo and Michael Oren, Fellow, Truman Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Greece, 1987).