"Gorbachev's Eastern Bloc"
December 18, 1987, Washington D.C., USA
Dr. Kittrie and Ivan Volgyes
The annual December 18th meeting organized jointly by Dr. Kittrie and Ivan Volgyes, of the University of Nebraska, on the theme "Gorbachev's Eastern Bloc."
Participants in the annual advisory board meeting which took place the evening before the symposium. Back row, left to right: Roger Michener, Lloyd Eby, Richard Rubenstein, Rolf Theen, Gordon Anderson, Hans-Martian Sass, Roger Kanet, Panos Bardis. Front row, left to right: Marcelo Alonso, Nicholas Kittrie, Kim Carny, Morton A. Kaplan.
Overview of the opening banquet.
President of PWPA-USA, Nicholas Kittrie sharing ideas with Morton A. Kaplan, President of PWPA International.
The PWPA book display.
Question and answer session.
Welcoming address of Reverend C. H. Kwak delivered by Gordon Anderson, Secretary General of PWPA International.
Question and answer session.
Welcoming remarks, by PWPA USA President and Co-chairman, Nicholas Kittrie.
Question and answer session.
Robert Sharlet of Union College delivering his message, Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Dissent and Repression in Eastern Europe.

Question and answer session.