Social Development and Responsibility
July 1988, Bangladesh
Lacy Spake
Professor Lacy Spake in Bangladesh in July, 1988, during a speaking tour of S.E. Asia, addressing a meeting organized  by PWPA-Bangladesh.
Social Development and Responsibility
Professor Lacy Spake from the USA is the guest speaker at a meeting on Social Development and Responsibility organized by PWPA-Bangladesh in July 1988.
participation of audience
Professor Lacy Spake encouraged the participation of the audience during his talk on Social Responsibility and Economic Development.
pros and cons of technology transfer
To the objection that multinationals exploit developing countries, Professor Lacy spake, here fielding a question during his talk in Bangladesh, explained the pros and cons of technology transfer between developed and developing countries.
frank exchange
Professor Lacy Spake, (2nd from right) in a frank exchange with the academics that attended his talk in Bangladesh in July 1988.