Industrial Development in the Middle East
Feb. 2-5, 1988, London, England
 Keynote speaker and Bahrain's Minister of Industry and Development Yousef Shirawi (L) chats with Prof. John Munro.
Dr. H. Kepir and Prof. Nathir Sara
 Dr. Handan Kepir of Turkey and Prof. Nathir Sara of the American University of Beirut.
makes a point
Keynote speaker Dr. Yousef Shirawi makes a point. Dr. Sam Vaknin (L) and chairman Jawad Anani. The Thames is in the background.
get acquaintedluchtime
 Lunch provides a good chance to get acquainted.
Discussions over coffee.
portfolios in Jordon
      Conference chairman and president of Jordan's-Royal Scientific Society, Dr. Jawad Anani. Dr. Anani has held several ministerial portfolios in Jordan.
opening session
The opening session.
Favorite conference site
Our favorite conference site: The Monkey Island Hotel, Monkey Island, Bray, near London.