18th ICWP Conference
July 17-20, 1988, Manila, Philippines
Dr. Exaltacion C. Ramos, Mr. and Mrs. Yoshinobu Murotani and members of PWPA-Philippines Executive Committee welcome participants to the 18th ICWP of 1988.
The 18th International Conference on World Peace sponsored by PWPA-Philippines was attended by delegates from several Asian countries. Shaking hands with Mrs. Murotani is Mr. Mokhtar Tamin, followed by Dr. Shafruddin Hashim, both from Malaysia.
committee session
A committee session of the 18th ICWP Conference on Towards An Asian Community in the Global Era. Dr. Socorro L. Reyes, De La Salle University, Philippines, chairing the discussion on Politics and Security.
U.S. delegates
U.S. delegates to the 18th International Conference on World Peace (from left to right): Dr. G. Leighton, Dr. Gene James and Professor Nona Bolin.
Keynote Speaker
Keynote speaker at the 18th International Conference on World Peace, the Hon. Miriam Defensor Santiago, Commissioner, Commission on Immigration and Deportation.
participants with guests
Participants of the 18th International Conference, with guests from the academic community and other sectors of Philippine society. Manila, July 1988.