Genuine Prospects for NIChood
April 20, 1994, Manila, Philippines
president of PWPA Philippines
The President of PWPA Philippines Bro. Andrew B. Gonzalez making a point "I find Rev. Moon's description of the family as a 'universal textbook' of the Divine particularly apt."
Participants of the ALL-STAR 1994 PWPA Metro Manila Regional Conference pose for a group picture after the conference. In attendence include 15 Presidents and School Directors, and 6 Executive Vice Presidents and Academic Vice Presidents.
Dr. Roxas
Dr. Roxas eloquently presented his topic "Prospect for Economic Development and Peace" in the morning session.
listening to a question
Dr. Antonio Orendain, President of the University of Makati, moderator of the academic exchanges, is listening to the question raised from the floor as the panel prepares.
Value Education
The President of the Values Educators of the Philippines, Dr. Twila Punsalan strongly suggests to the Presidents of Universities present that Value Education should be givin priority attention in their curricular offerings and teachings.