Identity and Character
November 24-29, 1997, Washington, DC, USA
opening plenary
The Opening Plenary Session of the 7th International Congress of PWPA on "Identity and Character."
headtable participants
Participants at the head table pose for a photo before their procession.
Washington D.C. Mayor Marcori Barry extends his welcome.
Prof. Morton Kaplan 
Morton A. Kaplan, President of PWPA International gives remarks on Character and Identity in the Opening Session.
Rev. C. H. Kwak
Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman of the PWPA Board of Directors, gives his greeting.
Rev. Moon
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of PWPA greets participants.
K. D. Whitehead
Kenneth D. Whitehead discusses the character of Charles DeGaulle.
Lloyd Eby
Lloyd Eby presents a paper entitled, "Can We Know Each Other After All?"
W. Garrett
William Garrett, Chairman of Socialogy session
Charles Larson
Charles Larson, presents a paper on a literary perspective using the character of Okiwonku in "Things Fall Apart" by Achebe.
Ed Wynne
Ed Wynne makes a presentation of Character education in the schools.
Patricia Lansa
Patricia Lansa Disscusses "Feminism and Identity."
A. de la Torre
 Armando de la Torre summarizes the discussions of the Latin American participants.
coffee break
 Coffee Break
book display The Paragon Book Display with several PWPA books.
session on University Federation
Session on the Establishment of the World University Federation
Alonso and Rubenstein
Dr. Alonso and Dr. Rubenstein are playing leadership roles in the development of a World University Federation.
participants Participants in a session of the World University Network