Character and Personality
Ukraina Hotel - Moscow, Russia
October 4-8, 1998
Hotel Ukraina, Moscow
Hotel Ukraina, Moscow

Marcelo Alonso makes a presentation on universities in the informatization age

International Conference on "Character and Identity: Differentiation and Integration of Cultural Values at the Close of the 20th Century". The Conference was held in Moscow, Russia, October 4th-8th, 1998.

The following sections were proposed for the Conference sessions:
1. Values: traditional and modern
2. Character and national culture: differentiation and integration
3. Interaction of cultures: the character and identity of independent states
4. The challenge of the current moral crisis: the role of religion and the family
5. Education: traditional and modern approaches
6. Universities and systems of values in changing societies
7. Horizons of scientific and cultural cooperation of independent states
 The themes are expected to focus on the situation in the CIS and Eastern Europe. The Conference will be conducted in Russian language, with simultaneous translation available to English.

Organizing Committee:  Chairman:  P.A Nikolaev (Moscow)
     Advisors:  Anatoly Antonov (Moscow)
        Bronislav Bitinas (Vilnius)
        Boris Gubman (Tver)
     Secretaries:  Irena Aksenova (Tver)
        Christopher Le Bas (Moscow)

     Assistant:  Maarten Meijer (Moscow)