Civility and Citizenship Produced as e-book

Civility and Citizenship in Liberal Democratic Societies

PWPA’s classic book on Civility and Citizenship, edited by the late Edward C. Banfield is now available as an e-book in Kindle, Nook, and I-book formats. Originally written in 1992, this book is more important that ever, showing how the disregard for civility and citizenship both in public life and education is adding to the political dysfunction in Washington, D.C.

If a liberal democratic society is to continue as such there must be widely respected institutions, practices, and modes of thought that encourage or demand the making of concessions where necessary to preserve the degree of harmony without which the society could not continue as a going concern. The obligation of the citizen to obey the law is one such safeguard of order. The idea of civic virtue is another. Civility, the culturally ingrained willingness to tolerate behavior that is offensive, is yet another.

The essays in this volume provide challenging analyses of the close bond between liberalism and democracy and the tensions that arise from the minimalist state and the democratic demand for governmental provisions of welfare services. Each, in its own way, would remind us of the inextricable link between human civility and the fragile functions of liberal democratic societies.—Gregory J. Walters, Department of Theology, Université Saint-Paul, Ottawa, Canada

Table of Contents
Series Editors’ Foreword
Introductory Note
Edward C. Banfield
Chapter 1. Civility and Civil Society
Edward Shils
Chapter 2. Civic Virtue: Interested and Disinterested Citizens
Katherine Auspitz
Chapter 3. Rights, Citizenship, and Civility
Robert A. Goldwin
Chapter 4. Civility and Citizenship in the American Founding
Charles R. Kesler
Chapter 5. Citizenship and Civility as Components of Liberal Democracy
Clifford Orwin
Chapter 6 Incivility and Crime
James Q. Wilson
Chapter 7. The Prospects of Civility in the Third World
Elie Kedourie
Chapter 8. Citizenship and Migration: Implications for Liberal Democracies
Myron Weiner

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