First International Congress

A short five days after the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS), which convened in Chicago, November 24-27, 1983, leaders of Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) worldwide were suddenly invited to Korea by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon for the First International Congress of PWPA. What followed was an exhilirating and fruitful ten days, including an unexpected eight-city whirlwind tour, December 14-23, 1983, in which the founder of PWPA, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, called for an ideological victory over communism.

Each professor participated in one of the two planned itineraries, attending the rallies and banquets. Many became actively involved either by giving congratulatory remarks at one of the rallies or by presenting their own message at one of the evening banquets. The cities visited, the audiences attended and the speakers are listed as follows:

  • Dec. 14, Masan (20,000) Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein, Distinguished Professor of Religion, Florida State University (USA); Tetsuo Kageyama, former Am¬bassador to Korea from Japan (Japan) all rallies
  • Dec. 16, Daejon (12,000) Dr. Nagendra Rijal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal; Dr. Morton Kaplan, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago (USA); Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein
  • Dec. 17, Daegu (12,000) Dr. Donald P. Drover, Government Chief Scientist (Australia); Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein
  • Dec. 18, Seoul (50,000) Dr. Morton Kaplan
  • Dec. 19, Busan (15,000) Dr. Theo Roy, Professor of Political Science, Waikato University (New Zealand); Dr. Morton Kaplan
  • Dec. 21, Chungju (15,000) Dr. Kasim Gulek, Former Vice Premier of Turkey; Dr. Alexander Shtromas, Professor of Politics, University of Salford (United Kingdom)
  • Dec. 22, Jeonju (12,000) Dr. Abdul Elawah, Director of Institute of National Planning (Egypt); Dr. Kasim Gulek
  • Dec. 23, Kwangju (10,000) Dr. Joseph Ben Dak, Professor of Political Science, Haifa University (Israel); Fr. Petro Bilaniuk, Emeritus Professor of Theology (Canada)

The tremendous turnout for the rallies was due to the fact that the Korean peo ple seemed to have perceived the profound need to strengthen their defense against North Korean infiltration and invasion in light of the shooting down of the Korean airliner and massacre of government officials in Burma. They realize the necessity of a comprehensive and logical ideology to confront the challenge of communism. The divided nation of Korea therefore now stands as one of the most significant frontlines in the conflict between the communist and the free world. Professors from seventy-two nations, representing almost the entire free world, offered their overwhelming support to the work of resolving the dangerous situation of the world through their commitment to the ideological goals of the PWPA.

In the midst of the speaking tour, on December 18, the professors gathered for the First International Congress of PWPA which was held at the magnificient Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul. Flags from all seventy-two nations adorned the stage enhancing the spirit of a world-wide academy of scholars devoted to international peace. The momentous occasion began with opening remarks by Dr. Hang Nyong Lee, president of PWPA in Korea. Dr. Morton Kaplan, chairman of the First Congress, spoke on the topic: “PWPA and World Peace.” He reminded the professors that this crusade in Korea was a “crusade that all of us can join in whether members of the Unification Church, or members of some other Christian religion, Jews, Buddhists or others, sharing this broader framework of ideals.” Rev. Moon then presented the founder’s address, “PWPA and Our Resolution.” Col. Bo Hi Pak who served as Master of Ceremonies introduced the entertainment beginning with an overview of Rev. Moon’s work through a technologically innovative slide and video presentation called multi-vision. The Little Angels performing arts students gave a performance of traditional Korean dance as a spectacular finale.

A special highlight of the professor’s visit was an evening at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Moon. Their house is situated on the top of a hill with an all-round view over Seoul. Everyone was personally welcomed by their hosts. A home-cooked traditional Korean meal was served after which Rev. Moon answered personal questions at length. He concluded by asking the PWPA professors to take a clear stand, and to give themselves for the sake of the world…Use your power and influence for the sake of goodness and righteousness…Before communism takes over the world, we’ve got to defend this free world and our values.” At the end of the evening a very significant event took place. Each professor signed a document entitled “A Resolution and A Pledge.” This pledge serves as a statement to the world of their resolve to continue to support the work of ensuring world peace with “a powerful new vision of a God-centered world.”

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