International Conferences on World Peace-Asia

The International Conference on World Peace (ICWP) began as the fruit of the first professor exchanges between Korea and Japan. Academics without the vested interests of political and religious leaders were able to foster greater understanding and cooperation than had been possible in the cultural and political spheres. They are organized by the Asian chapters of PWPA.

  • 1st ICWP Apr. 24-27, 1974 World Peace and Asia, Seoul, Korea
  • 2nd ICWP July 22-27, 1974 Asian Security and the Free World, Taipei, China
  • 3rd ICWP Dec. 19-24, 1974 Asia in Crisis: Quest for New Hope, Tokyo, Japan
  • 4th ICWP Sept. 3-8, 1975 Future Aspects of Asia and the Changing World Seoul, Korea
  • 5th ICWP Dec. 14-16, 1975 Strategy for Peace, Tokyo, Japan
  • 6th ICWP Sept. 24-28, 1976 National Culture and World Peace, Seoul, Korea
  • 7th ICWP Feb. 3, 1977 Northeast Asian Security, Taipei, China
  • 8th ICWP July 23-29, 1978 The Pacific Era: Issues for the 80s and Beyond Tokyo, Japan
  • 9th ICWP July 16-20, 1979 Korea: A Model Semi-Developed Country, Seoul, Korea
  • 10th ICWP Aug 25-Sept 1, 1980 World Issues for the 80’s Taipei, China
  • 11th ICWP July 10-14, 1981 Modernization: Asian Perspectives, Tokyo, Japan
  • 12th ICWP July 15-18, 1982 Peace in the 80’s Vision for Asian Seoul, Korea
  • 13th ICWP Aug 28-Sept 3, 1983 International Cooperation in East Asia, Taipei, China
  • 14th ICWP Aug. 1-4, 1984 The Role of East Asia in World Peace, Baguio,Philippines
  • 15th ICWP July 15-16, 1985 Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century, Tokyo, Japan
  • 16th ICWP July 15-18, 1986 The New Discovery of Asia, Seoul, Korea
  • 17th ICWP Aug. 30-Sept 3, 1987 Asia: Continuity and Change, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 18th ICWP July 17-20, 1988 Towards an Asian Community in the Global Era, Manila, Philippines
  • 19th ICWP July 24-25, 1989 The Obstacles and Scenarios in Forming an Asian Community in the Pacific Era
  • 20th ICWP Aug. 22-25, 1990 Shaping a New World Order with Perspectives on Changes in Asia
  • 21st ICWP Nov. 21-24, 1991 The Roles of Asian-Pacific Intellectuals in the Changing World, Taiwan
  • 22nd ICWP Dec. 1-5, 1993 Unity for Asian Progress in the 21st Century, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 23rd ICWP Nov. 13-15, 1994 The Era of East Asia and a Vision for Creating a New Civilization, Tokyo, Japan
  • 24th ICWP Nov. 21-25, 1996 The Coming of a New Century: Interface Between the 20th and 21st Century, Beijing, China
  • 25th ICWP Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 1998 2lst-Century Education in the Context of Globalization, Taipei, Taiwan
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