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Morton A. Kaplan in Memoriam — 6 Comments

  1. I also worked with Dr. Kaplan at the World & I. His monthly visits were exciting times to lay our thoughts for topics for the coming months in front of him. I was an editor in the Current Issues section of the magazine. May he Rest In Peace!

  2. Dr. Kaplan was kind as well as brilliant. He was a pioneer his entire life and brought love and understanding is everything he was involved in.

  3. It was my privilege to work closely with Dr. Kaplan for many years at the World & I. He was not only a brilliant scholar but a man of the highest ethics and integrity, always committed to what was right, regardless of personal consequences. He was a true “mensch” and will be missed by those who knew him.

  4. Dr. Kaplan was a visionary guide for The World & I magazine (and other associations.)As I Worked as both the Editorial Research Director and Managing Librarian I experienced with The World & I staff his continuing perspective as both traditional and innovative. Thank You so Much Beloved Dr. Kaplan!!

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