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Professor Nicholas N. Kittrie, International Lawyer, Educator, and Peacemaker — 4 Comments

  1. Professor Kittrie was a great criminal law professor, a quick wit, and a warm soul. What an amazing life he led!

  2. Prof. Kittrie, was my friend for the last 20 years of his life. We had difference of opinions, but I learn to love and respect him like no other.
    I cherished his and Georgette visit to our home in Miami and once while I would pop-up to DC to see this wonderful couple to who I am grateful for the attention and care always showing to me, but particularly to my family and children!

    I have missed greatly my friend and mentor, may HaShem, the G:.A:.D:.U:., bless his presence in the eternal Orient!

  3. I got to know Nicholas Kittrie while serving on the UB Board of Trustees. I had several occasions to meet with him at his Washington DC residence which was also the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

    I came to admire his sense of duty to foster justice as the engine for world peace. His contributions of energy, time, and money were without condition. I was very honored to share my financial advice pertaining to his own assets and have experienced some level of proximity and friendship during that time.

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